Discreet Ladies

Valued Clients please understand that it is with good reasons we ask that you contact the ladies we work with through our published phone numbers.  DO NOT ASK FOR THE LADIES PERSONAL NUMBER.  This is protection for you as well as them.  Asking a lady for her personal phone number is unacceptable and makes her very uncomfortable.  We offer our service for a reason, not for clients to bi-pass us.  Just an FYI we do NOT give all your personal information to the ladies just like you do not get all the ladies personal information.  This business is discretionary keep it that way.  As a client when using our service you aren’t getting ghosted, you have full communication and respect.  Since this continues to be a problem here are our new steps.

In an effort to get a handle on this issue we will have to take the following steps;

  1.  1st offense – ask lady for her private phone number we will give a warning and chat with you
  2.  2nd offense – we will block you and no longer welcome your business

We appreciate all of our clients and hope the clarification is now understood!