Discreet Ladies

Discreetinfo Information

May 09, 2023

Discreetinfo has minimal rules to maintain our business. Please note as any other business WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. We have exercised this right to refuse service and will continue to do so if we find a client and/or partner detrimental to our day to day operations. Also, angry & unhappy clients who have been blocked in the past have made attempts to defame and/or discredit our company. Please use your own judgement and be objective about the demeanor and reputations of these people and their smear campaigns. We try to offer clear and concise protocols to avoid being banned, however some people don’t take these rules seriously. You will be banned for the behavior listed below:

Our rules –

NO NUMBER COLLECTING. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR NUMBER, DO NOT ASK FOR ANYONE’S PERSONAL NUMBER, & DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BUSINESS CARD. For those of you who have access to any of these ladies social media platforms, that also means that you do not have a free pass to contact the lady on her social media and book appointments there! This also counts as bypassing DI, and once we have made an introduction between you and our ladies, any attempt to book appointments via any other platform other than the phone number that DI has listed counts as trying to bypass DI and will also get you blocked. THERE ARE NO LOOPHOLES TO OUR RULES.

Reviews are important. Constructive criticism is great; good, bad or indifferent. If a lady has earned a bad review we understand and you will not be blocked for this. You WILL be blocked for posting hateful, shameful, lude and cruel and/or derogatory comments. We recommend using reputable sites like TER and ECCIE.

No call/no show or constant cancellations will result in being blocked for having little to no respect for ours or the ladies’ time.